These frequently asked questions might help answer some of your queries before you contact me for a tattoo.

Where are you based?

I tattoo primarily at Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour in Birmingham but also regularly guest at other studios.

Do you only do certain types of tattoos?

I specialise in watercolour / illustrative tattoos but I also sometimes work in a neo-traditional and colour-realism. If you want to see what my work looks like, browse my work on Instagram. My favourite subject matters are animals, nature and characters. At the moment, I’d love to do some realistic watercolour floral tattoos.

Will you cover-up or re-work my old tattoos?

Sadly, I am not currently taking on large-scale cover-ups or re-works. If you have a relatively small tattoo to cover over, or old tattoos that have been lasered, we can discuss options when booking your tattoo (picture required).

Are you a licensed tattooer?

I am a licensed tattooist, registered with Birmingham City Council. I use disposable equipment (e.g. single-use needles) and work to a strict health-and-safety protocol.

Do you take on art-work commissions?

I can create art-work off skin for gifts and special occasions (e.g. custom painting). Get in touch with a description of what you’re looking for and by when.

How much is a tattoo and how long does one tattoo take?

All tattoos are priced per piece, per session or per day (day-rate). How long your tattoo takes depends on the size, style and subject matter. We can discuss this when you contact to book.

How do I book an appointment?

Coming soon.

Is my booking fee refundable if I can’t now make my appointment?

When your booking fee is paid, it reserves the date for you but also acts as initial payment for design time. If you cancel your appointment, sadly this fee is not refundable and you will lose your booking fee.

Can I move my appointment?

On a case by case basis, I may be able to transfer appointment dates if I have plenty of notice from you and am able to fill your original date. This is more difficult closer to the date itself and booking fees may not be able to be transferred in this case, as mentioned above often they are often necessary fees for design time, etc.

Can I use a numbing cream?

I have no problem with you using numbing cream, but there are particular brands that I would be happier with you using. Please get in touch before you purchase or use anything to discuss with me.

What shall I do in terms of aftercare and looking after my new tattoo?

I will give you aftercare instructions on the day of your tattoo, however if want to purchase cream before your appointment to be prepared I would recommend: pure / organic coconut oil, Aquaphor or Lush’s Elbow Grease.